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The Bible App for Kids is a free educational Android app from YouVersion and which allows children to explore and remember several of the most well known stories from the Bible through a series of interactive and stimulating cartoon adventures. Stories include Creation, Adam and Eve, the Birth of Jesus, and The Resurrection, with many becoming available to download at a later date.

 With its large, colorful touch-activated animations which have been optimized for mobile phones and smaller tablets, this Bible App is an extremely entertaining way for children aged between 3-7 years old to learn about and remember God’s Word. The high-quality storytelling includes simple but engaging activities which are easy to navigate and not overly challenging for younger children. Although the cartoon nature of the graphics is a clear indication of the target age group, some older children may enjoy this Bible app too, especially if they are new to the faith and have never heard any of these Bible stories before.

While teenagers will obviously prefer more meatier textual content from a Bible App, the trivia questions and rewards system certainly present enough of a game to keep the very young ones interested without becoming frustrated. The nicely narrated 3-5 minute stories are broken up into levels, and consequently, items to collect and star rewards are given both during and on completion of each story.


 The intuitive menu allows parents to download new stories individually, toggle the sounds and music on and off, and maybe join in the fun by reading the stories aloud themselves and explaining some of the harder Bible verses as they come up. Parents can also monitor their child’s progress by reviewing the stored rewards at any time. Prompts are given when new stories are available for download, and some parents may prefer to supervise the activity rather than leave the process to their children.

 Those who are fortunate enough to have a tablet with a large screen can share the Bible App for Kids with multiple children playing at the same time. It could even be used as a nice treat to reinforce elementary or Sunday School lessons. The 34mb app remains stable with lots of interesting things to open, move, explore, and read which will not crash or freeze the program no matter how many little fingers are tapping the screen simultaneously.

 The latest version 1.3.4 of the Bible App for Kids is also available in Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean, so it also provides an opportunity to learn these Bible stories in a foreign language and explain them to non-English speakers too.

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