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To be honest I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from this app at first. I was honestly expecting just another match three game but I was pleasantly surprised. It didn’t take all too long to download and once I was actually in the game I found myself really enjoying it all and sinking a solid few hours into the game. I’d like to share my opinion on the game, but in particular there were a few things that I would like to cover about this game.

It’s a match three game but instead of the usual gems or candy the things you match up are butterflies. It’s not the most original concept in the world but it’s also far from the least original. The gameplay is your fairly basic match three gameplay with bonuses for matching a large number of the butterflies. There are five different game modes for a nice amount of variety and different challenges. The game starts off pretty easy but gets more and more challenging and addictive.

The graphics are pretty nice, very bright and colorful with all the butterflies and the nature filled backgrounds of the game. The backgrounds have flowers and trees, butterflies flying by, and a lot of other things which really make it a very bright and cheery game. It’s so colorful and nice of a game that I find myself in a better mood after playing this game.

The user interface is pretty intuitive, making it easy to figure out how to play the game. I had no real issues with it, the text was very easy to read and contrasted nicely with the backgrounds, the butterflies are very colorful making it easy to tell what’s a match and what isn’t, in all it made for a very good interface. I was very glad for this, as a bad user interface can absolutely ruin even a fantastic game, but no such problems here.

The user experience is probably the greatest part of this game. It’s just such a bright, colorful, cheerful game with addictive and challenging gameplay that it makes you feel better playing the game. Even when you’re having a bad day you can play this game for a little while and feel better, even if only while you’re playing it. Of all the games in this genre that I have played this is if not the best at user experience than certainly at the top of the list.

The animations in this game are very smooth and appealing, with the butterflies flying onto and off of the screen. The next butterfly you have to match up flies down a small branch on the left of the screen, and when you make a match the butterflies fly off in different directions, making for a very visually satisfying display. While the animations are fairly limited and not that complex, they do what they are supposed to and they do it very well. There was never a point in the game where I found an animation off putting or that seemed wrong, it was always very smooth and appealing.

Sound is probably one of this game’s strongest suits, with excellent music and a suitable voice for it’s theme and gameplay. The first thing that’s noticeable is the voice welcoming you to Fluttabyes, and then the games main theme starting on the main menu. It’s all very suiting to the theme, calming and enjoyable, adding to the overall experience in a way that only great sound design can. It’s one of those rare games where if I have the chance I won’t play it on mute, because I enjoy hearing all the sounds.

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Overall it is a surprisingly hit from a game I went into with low expectations and one that I will probably be playing for a while to come. It’s a game that I would solidly recommend to anyone who is a fan of the genre, or who is just looking for a nice cheerful game you can play casually when you have some downtime. My overall rating is a 4.8/5 and I would recommend anyone to download and play this game, maybe even to buy the full version with even more features if you really enjoy the game and want to support the developers.

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