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Baby Brilliant is an app that plays learning videos for babies, toddlers, preschooler and even older. You need to sign up with an email and password to access the app’s two free videos – The ABC Song and Colors. There is some lag time when you’re going through the sign up process but once you get into the app, things move along much faster and easier. The object is to teach youngsters the basics while using a variety of sensory instructions for the eyes and ears.

The entire app is bright and colorful and easy to use. There are icons at the top of the page where the user can choose the type of video they want to watch; movies in different languages such as Chinese, music including classical, read along books, interactive videos, and more. You need to purchase each video separately for $0.99 a piece, which can become daunting. It would be easier to just purchase the videos as a bundle. However, the videos are well made and engaging and seem to be worth the price.

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The user will have an easy time choosing which video they want to watch. Since each video has to be bought individually, this app would work as a great extrinsic reward system at home or school. I can imagine the user getting “addicted” to wanting more and more videos so setting clear boundaries before downloading and trying out this app is probably a good idea. Once all or some of the videos are purchased, the user will be able to navigate the system without interruption. The animation is very good as well along with the realistic, documentary type videos. The sound is clear and at a good level. This app has everything going for it, except for charging for each video. That seems like the only drawback to this excellent children’s app.