The LEO Privacy Guard – Review

by | Oct 2, 2015 | General Apps | 0 comments

Are your friends or family members spying on you? It is a very frustrating experience, and you have to stop them! The best way is not to hide your mobile phone because they may still get hold of it. Telling your boyfriend or girlfriend not to touch your phone may also not work! You require an ultimate solution.

The LEO Privacy Guard is an app lock that works amazingly to keep all the prying eyes and snoopers’ away from your phone. It is the most popular and trusted privacy protector for Android. With this app, you will have a sigh of relief. Now don’t worry about your boyfriend or girlfriend trying to read through your cal log and SMS, when you walk out. Your kids and parents will be barred from accessing your Facebook status and gallery. Some of our friends at college or workplace are very notorious – they constantly check your private videos and images but with the Leo Privacy Guard, you assured of maximum privacy. Never let close people monitor your whatsApp chats!

This app is simple to install, with just two clicks you will start a long journey of protecting all your mobile phone information from curious people. Also, this app doesn’t occupy a large memory space.
Here are the superb aspects of this App


With just a single click, you can lock all your handsets apps. This app offers a simple switch to navigate and change multiple modes. So you will choose a mode that best suits your needs. It is not just an app lock! It provides numerous modes to mask on apps, cover apps, and guard on phone. This app provides various ways to prevent unintended people politely from accessing your private information.

Privacy Protection

You want privacy especially when you receive uncensored information in your mobile phone. This app is a sure way to keep all snoopers’ way from your private videos, pics, call log and SMS. With this app, you can also protect your company’s confidential information. To ensure you mobile is safe, this app constantly displays privacy alerts. It will keep you informed of your mobile phone’s safety.

APP Management

Apart from privacy protection, this app also helps to manage your installed applications. It will assist you to uninstall all unwanted apps and at the same time back up the vital ones. It has data monitoring feature that allows you to keep your data plan under control. This app constantly detects your battery usage and keeps it under control. It is an app that ensures your mobile phone is running fast. With this app, you can do much with your handset.

Stunning New Design

You don’t want to install a dull looking app on your phone! The LEO Privacy Guard has a new stunning design to make your phone beautiful. It comes with a pleasing user interface making it simple, intuitive and handy. It features stylish themes that decorate your lock screen.


Its design features several shortcuts for easy operations. You can swipe to all apps through shortcuts. Everything is located within reach.

The LEO Privacy Guard is meant for all people who want maximum privacy in their mobile phones.