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Useful Apps for Kids – Learning Maths

There are some good educational apps available for the iPad and iPhone, but how on globe do you make Maths fun? Maths is boring, Well, actually, no. But the way most of us are taught maths certainly could be boring. In order to marvel with maths you require to master the basics, and learning lots of simple sums off by heart like : 3 x 7 = 21, 6 + 4 = 10, 44 divided by 4 is 11, etc.

It is so necessary to memorise all the main addition, subtraction, multiplication and division basics since otherwise one has to spend large part of the day counting on our fingers. One thing more boring than just learning times tables off by heart, and that’s teaching a child to learn times tables off by heart. In rapid development of mobile app technology smartphone apps and tablet apps make learning basic maths not only simple but fun, too.

The following apps are great for kids just starting out on maths. Don’t over burden kids with maths but talk them through what they’re going to do so they attain more confidence. Many of these games are lot of fun and so would definetly entertain as well as educate.

Kids Academy · 123 Tracing


Before your kids could do any maths they need to be able to recognize and write the numbers. Kids Academy 123 Tracing is for the younger children which assists little ones learn to do just that by utilizing the iPad’s touchscreen.

Kids are introduced to the numbers and shown how to draw them using their finger. The numbers fill the screen with large format, and the tracing points are well laid out. There’s a Parent Mode, where you could effectively check the progress of each child assigned a profile. And it is possible to change the voice (male or female) and sounds here, too.


Number Monster


Number Monster from Wombi is a simple app that effectively teaches kids to recognise numbers from 1-20. It’s so friendly and simple for kids to pick up. The parents could turn on and off visual clues as their child actively progresses. Kids would familiarize themselves with numbers 1 through 20.

You could also have Shape Monster games for free. Like Number Monster it’s simple and friendly, and could be set at different levels up to hexagons and pentagons.


Math Bingo


This would be the right game which is all about numbers to learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Math Bingo professionally sets a bunch of questions dependent on your apt choice and the level of your child’s maths skills. You could find a timer which ticks away so you’re out to beat your personal best time each go.

Math Bingo is colourful collection of weird bug aliens to make maths even more entertaining and fun. Kids wish to win the Bingo Bugs and they could use them in a game of Bingo Bug Bungie a sort of pinball game where you fire your collected bugs to knockout respective coins to over beat highest score. There are also two new games which you could play after completing a Bingo board namely as Math Stack and Math Fling.


Times tables: Squeebles Multiplication


You could master the times tables with the assistance of Whizz, defeating the nasty Maths Monster, simply collectting little Squeeble characters, trophies and stars as you learn. Like similar to popular Math Bingo, Times Tables: Squeebles Multiplication is a colourful app which makes learning fun and simple.

There’s no timer so your kid isn’t rushed into guessing, and they would definetly adore collecting all the game rewards. It’s one of the quality way to test kids on their multiplication and times tables.

You also have new version called Squeebles Times Tables 2, which beneficially features an expanded reward system, fun mini game, six tables modes, unlimited players and numerous stats with reporting for parents and teachers.




MathBoard could be easily configured for school children of all ages, starting with simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and algebra problems. The blackboard theme is cute and smartly built around multiple choice that actively encourages working out solutions with a neat scratchboard area where pupils could chalk their respective sums.

It is revealed that MathBoard’s Problem Solver walks students through the steps which is needed to solve the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division equations. You could also have quick reference tables to hand. Moreover the activities and quizzes could be timed, either as a countdown timer or elapsed time.



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