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There are many free graphics manipulation apps available for Android, but Kids Doodle – Color & Draw is one of the best drawing and coloring app for kids. Everything about this app has been scaled down from powerful programs (such as Paint Joy by the same developers) to turn it into an easy-to-use kids app for children of all ages, particularly the very young ones.

Providing children with a means to express themselves artistically in an electronic form is nearly always met with software which is too complex or too simple for each extreme of the targeted age range, but not this time. All the child has to do is choose a fresh canvas or an existing photograph to work on, and he or she can get to work on it with as many bright colors and brush shapes as they wish by simply scrolling and tapping through the available tools on screen.

With 24 different brushes featuring effects such as glow, rainbow, emboss, crayon, sketchy, neon, spray, and ribbon, even a very young child can create a brightly colored masterpiece which they will be happy to let their parents share on social networking sites. By using the innovative “movie” mode, they can even play back the steps taken as a little film to proudly show their parents exactly how they did everything.

Unlike other kids apps of this type which merely store the completed picture, the built-in gallery stores both the picture and the drawing procedure movie which can be reloaded for work to continue at a later date. Multiple undo and redo controls allow mistakes to be fixed quickly, and for those familiar with how an Etch-a-Sketch works, shaking the phone or tablet will also clear the drawing from the screen in a similar manner.

As an educational tool, Kids Doodle can be used to teach a child how to write in much the same way that a slate and chalk were once used in schools. Parents or teachers can write a letter or word onto the screen, and the child can either trace or write the same underneath. With neon colors abounding, today’s more tech savvy infants will absolutely love this futuristic upgrade to a blackboard.

For many hours of fun entertainment or just finding something to keep a child occupied with something to stimulate their minds, it is hard to find anything better which works on a smartphone or tablet than Kids Doodle. Even the most inexpensive tablet can be turned into an effective drawing platform for the budding young artists in the family with this free kids app.