AR Sports
01 Sep 2022

AR Sports: Augmented Reality

How AI Games Can Change the Way We Interact with Video Games The video game industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow each year. One of the most critical aspects of this industry is the development process. Developers are constantly looking for new ways to make their

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Doodly Doo
29 Aug 2022

Doodly Doo – Games for Kids

Doodly Doo has recently added a memory Game. It is one of the kinds of games which are both creative and entertaining for toddlers and children. Doodly Doo includes three games: colouring, jigsaw puzzles, and memory. Your child will feel like a true popular artist thanks to the Coloring Pages.

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31 Jan 2020

Quiz for Witcher – Fan Trivia

People naturally grew up with variety of apps in all kinds; so when the familiar genres are launched they can’t assist but have the eager to check it out, which is what actually happened with Quiz for Witcher – Fan Trivia app developed by Wyverin Trivia from the Play Store.

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16 Sep 2019

StarMaker: Sing with 50M+ Music Lovers

If you’ve followed closely about latest apps for a while, then you’ll know this StarMaker app wholly satisfies all kinds of users. The people are also complete passion for new apps, even though sometimes they’re fond of unique karaoke apps like StarMaker which they get benefited and widely used. Do

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15 Jun 2016


It is fun to predict and know about things that are unknown to you, regardless of it is bad or good. If you are looking for such accurate predictions based on pictures, now you can enjoy that with the help of an advanced android application. Yes, you heard that right!

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10 May 2016


This game is entertaining as well as educative as it professionally assists kids to know about Dentists and the tools they utilize. Moreover it virtually assists in decrease their fear to visit dentists. In recent times most of the people don’t care about teeth healthy, causing a bad toothache. For

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29 Apr 2016

The Old Win Downtown Casino – Review

The Old Win Downtown Casino app is a fun and exciting slot game that will give users hours of enjoyment. It is generally a pleasant game for players that will see them given a fair to high chance of winning. Lobby menu and startup. As the player opens the game

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05 Apr 2016


It is no secret that we are always looking for games on our phones to occupy our time. With thousands of options in the app store there are options for everyone. I recently tried out Balloons Ninja and after a couple of rounds where I did awful, I became obsessed

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10 Mar 2016


When it comes to casino games, Zeus the Thunderer is the app to download for your iPhone. The app gives you amazing Zeus’s slots with stunning HD graphics which enables you to play the game and have excitement for free right from your iPhone. Features Themes; – the app has

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18 Feb 2016


Within the game you can play puzzles and complete quests. The package you are given contains 50 puzzles, which range from topics such as kinds of chocolate, animals and cars to things such as European cities and computer parts, with the option to unlock further packages. There are a wide

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04 Jan 2016


If you have not experienced Koi Pond, then you are missing something. The app is great for impressing global users when running their finger across the surface creating ripples that cause Koi to dart away. Everyone loves the realistic water simulation, the ability to change scenery and relaxing ambient sound

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