Taskade : All-in-One Collaboration for Remote Teams

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Are you working on big projects and finding it hard to coordinate with each other

 No worries. Taskade will help you out to organize your tasks by breaking them down into simple tasks and keep you informed about your priority of work.

Make group correspondence open and proficient. Instead of depending on booked gatherings urge colleagues to impart issues and inquiries when they emerge. With Taskade groups can talk live and team up progressively, so things set everything straight in a snap. Indeed. Taskade is intended to supercharge your group efficiency. Make a workspace in Taskade at that point welcome your colleagues to go along with it immediately. You can cooperate progressively to make and alter records, take meeting notes, oversee errands, conceptualize, and make communitarian archives. Utilizing Taskade to cooperate, you can assist each other with completing stuff.

Need to find more about Taskade here we go,

Taskade is a work operating software to delineate the work process from thoughts to activities. Taskade is an easier method to make agendas, blueprints, and notes. Regardless of whether you’re ticking off everyday objectives, dealing with a gathering undertaking, or arranging an occasion with companions — getting coordinated with Taskade is straightforward, agreeable, and fun. Collaborate better by utilizing Taskade to share your rundowns and notes. Work with colleagues to alter content together progressively, oversee bunch assignments, and conceptualize live through chat.

Highlighting features of Taskade

  • Tab enter to add tasks with Unlimited Hierarchy
  • Outline and Map Out everything from ideas, notes, tasks
  • Automate workflows and customize Reusable Templates per workspace
  • Visualize each project via multiple views: Task List > Kanban Board > Mindmap
  • Manage teams in Workspace > Subspace > Projects > Tasks + Chat 
  • (Subspace can be used to invite external teams, they are independent)
  • Fold blocks and large tasks to stay organized
  • (Each task also has many options in 3 dots menu on the right)
  • Type @ and #hashtags to organize tasks, notes, and click to filter  
  • (Taskade is the lovechild of Asana + Trello + Notion with Video Chat)

Why Taskade is the best application when compared to others?

You can select your template to design your work culture and thus improve productivity.

  • The weekly planner and task list
  • Daily team standup and scrum checklist
  •  Simple daily bullet journal and diary
  •  School homework assignments with friends
  • Team brainstorming outline and meeting notes
  • Travel Itinerary and outlining tool
  • Project roadmaps and outliner


At long last, For what reason should you look for something when you have the best close by. Indeed, Taskade is the across-the-board arrangement work working programming for your association. Taskade will expand profitability by easily overseeing time and exertion

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