27 Jul 2020

DottedSign – eSign & Fill Documents

Honestly, I haven’t had the chance to try this app in a short time, but DottedSign developed by Kdan Mobile Software Ltd looked rather unique with the special app features, so I had to try it out. Despite the regular overload of mobile apps and high range of continuing apps

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17 Jul 2020

Enlightened Meditation

A proper way of life has both short and long term health advantages. Long term, eating a reasonable diet regimen, taking constant exercise and keeping up a balanced weight can add a very long time to your life and decrease the danger of specific ailments including malignant growth, diabetes, cardiovascular

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14 Jul 2020

Digital Entertainment Club DEC

While these kinds of apps aren’t filling up the Stores as they did a few years ago, I’m still always looking out for unique ones. Now I must say, Digital Entertainment Club DEC is a qualitative app introduced for users and it shouldn’t be missed. This reputed DECTV Network is

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26 Jun 2020

Guess Word – Play fun Charades

For a long time, all iOS games were among the most popular in the globe. The result is a highly addictive, enjoyable experience that gives players the urge to keep going and for me I highly suggest picking up Guess Word – Play fun Charades game developed by Yauhen Zaremba

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25 Jun 2020

Bake My Words

In our globalized world, learning a new language is a high benefit. It helps people while travelling and is a great advantage for general studying and for career prospects abroad. Acquiring a second language helps us to develop many types of mental abilities at all ages. A foreign language means

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18 Jun 2020

Learn Spanish for beginners

In our globalized world, where mobility has been increased to a great level, learning a new language has a lot of benefit. It helps people while travelling to new places and is a great advantage for students hoping to study in another country and for career prospects abroad. Learning a

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01 Jun 2020

Sound Touch Lite – Animals app

Children usually require something simple to learn or understand anything. For the toddlers, even swiping a phone can get a little crazy. Sound Touch Lite – Animals app is a mobile based application that relies on touch by tapping which is easy for little kids to navigate with their fingers.

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21 May 2020

ZigZag Tap Tap Taxi

The gaming world has really changed the way of how we utilize our free time. The art of waiting is long lost ever since the invention of the first mobile based game. It has given us a whole entertainment packed hour during all those everlasting long hours of waiting in

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12 May 2020

Smart Health Care Protector: Best Health Care 2020

One benefit of maintaining a good hygiene is getting a better health. Keeping your body and surrounding clean and hygiene helps prevent illness and any infection you can get from bacteria and viruses. A simple act of washing hands regularly is an effective way of keeping germs and viruses from

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11 May 2020

Langlandia – The Real Game to Learn Spanish

While I’ve tried plenty of mobile apps in recent weeks for learning Spanish, I’m always searching out for new ones that have their own special app features on the genre, and Langlandia – The Real Game to Learn Spanish developed by Nicholas G Dev is wholly captivating.  Langlandia is the

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08 May 2020

Algebrator – Math Calculator that shows steps

Maths seems difficult at first when we do not try them out or when there is no one who could explain to us why the next step occurs. With children being glued to the smart phones all the time, its now time to make some use out of their addiction.

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26 Apr 2020

Water reminder – Hydration tracker

It is common to hear that water is a vital element to a healthy lifestyle. This is because water makes up most of our body weight and has many important functions like flushing out the waste from our body, helping the brain function and regulating the body temperature.  Water is

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