22 Jan 2016


This is a spin-off of the original Toyzilla game which actually takes place in the same universe but provides completely different entertaining game play.  And for me, unlike the original I really find this one quite addictive.  The mechanics are very simple where one could tap on a button that

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25 Jun 2015

Chuck The Sheep – Review

When it comes to a free game there are lots out there that are absolutely shoddy but Chuck The Sheep is not one of those games. When I first started playing it I wasn’t too sure on what I’d be getting into. I was delighted to find that the 68.3

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01 Jun 2015

Evade Maze – Review

(i) Concept App based games have taken off in popularity in recent years. Evade Maze (iOS game) is reportedly a great quality game on behalf of those interested in new developments. Apple mobile devices should run well with the new app installed. It doesn’t take much time for the full

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