02 Feb 2018

Road Draw – Hill Climb Motor Racing

Let’s face it life gets busy for all of us, and sometimes we just require a small breather. Personally, for me, I like to do that by playing motor racing games. That’s because I like to relax but keep my mind stimulated, and engage our mind. Though I feel like

30 Jan 2018

TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge Game Review

Actually I grew up with variety of games in all kinds; so generally, when the familiar genres are illustrated I can’t assist but have the eager to check it out for myself, which is what actually happened with TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge. If users are looking for a special kind of

23 Dec 2017

Towers TriPeaks: Classic Pyramid Solitaire – App Review

Got bored and feel like playing cards? Oh my god! Got no partner. Don’t worry. Here comes the best of card games, “Towers TriPeaks: Classic Pyramid Solitaire“. Sit, download the app, start playing and feel the theme of old style classic solitaire. Play it without any interruptions or disturbance because

01 Dec 2017

“KYO-YA” A High School Student in the Ruined World

What KYO-YA has seen. One day KYO-YA woke up and seen that every single human being is not there anymore and the structure of the world has been changed the buildings are got down from the actual surface and the land is extended. Basically, KYO-YA is a high school student and he saw a

18 Nov 2017

Flaap.io – Game Review

If you have enjoyed playing flappy bird then you will definitely enjoy playing Flaap.io. The creator of this game has tried to keep the basic functionality of the game very similar, except you can now play in a closed room with all your friends or compete against players from all

14 Nov 2017

Farmer Sim 2018 A Visually Resplendent Farming Simulator

Farmer Sim 2018 is a farming simulator that lets you experience a farmer’s lifestyle in a virtual world. The simulator allows players to complete several activities that are part and parcel of a farmer’s life. The many different tasks include handling different vehicles and machineries like tractors, trucks, plows, seeders,

31 Oct 2017

Sage Expenses & Invoices – App Review

Accounting solutions for SMB owners: Sage is Here for Android Lovers Keeping track of invoices, expenses and wages while running your own business can be a challenge. It’s easy to let things slip or to make honest mistakes which can end up costing you come tax time. Unfortunately, running a

07 Oct 2017

Castle Breakout Game Review

Castle Breakout is one of the newest and most stunning puzzle game for iOS devices. Highlighting a serious of mind-bugling problems in each level, anyone with an iPhone will be able to check out many puzzles. The main concept is very simple: it involves testing out the new security system

10 Jun 2017

Wealth Words – Review

Few puzzles have challenged and entertained people for as long as crossword puzzles. Many newspapers offer a crossword puzzle and there are even entire books of these puzzles available for purchase. Testing one’s problem-solving skills and vocabulary at the same time can provide hours of fun. The only issue with

24 May 2017

Bus Simulator 17 – REVIEW

Simulations are great concepts that you can apply in the real world. With the advancement of technology, you don’t have to leave your home to learn some skills. Simulators can help you do that in the comfort of your home. For driving simulators, you get lots of practice to master

22 Apr 2017

Elemelons – Review

With a beautiful interesting story behind, the Elemelons iPhone app has a nice start. It is very easy to use and have a great graphics. This game test your concentration, challenge your reflex and swiping art. ELEMELONS Due to humility on social platforms, the human being are punished for their

21 Apr 2017

Defense Zone 3 HD – Review

Are you looking for a defensive android game that will improve your strategy and combat skills? Defense zone HD android game is one of its kind in the gaming market. It will offer players new weapons, options galore and excellent sceneries. The graphics of the game are of high quality