02 Apr 2020


Do you waste your whole time on looking for your contacts. If you have a large circle of contacts or you own a business your work is almost done by connecting with your team members. So you need to spend less time looking for your contacts and more time connecting

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02 Apr 2020

Daily App Journal & Guided Diary: Anxiety Relief – The Self-Care Tool in Your Hands

There is an app for almost everything that we do in our lives. Yes, there are apps for food delivery, social media apps, cab apps, etc. Is there any app to help you take care of your mental health? Yes, there is. An app of daily journaling could greatly help

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30 Mar 2020

How to Get Started with a Bingo App for Android?

If you happen to use an Android mobile phone or a tablet, you can get to download some bingo apps to play for real money. Almost all of the apps offer free bonuses for new gamers. Some of the common bingo app features for Android include its ease to download

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26 Mar 2020

Find Bluetooth Devices near You with Snifferton

Have you ever wanted your smartphone to find the devices near you? It can either be for sharing purposes or for knowing who is spying upon us. It is always essential that we are aware of the devices that are closer to us when we are at home or elsewhere.

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23 Mar 2020

Phone on silent during an emergency? NeedUNow is the solution!

There are few things more frustrating than needing to get in touch with somebody, but their phone is on silent. Maybe you’ve been on both sides, because it can feel equally bad having missed a time sensitive message or been unaware of an emergency happening. “Sorry, my phone was on

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08 Mar 2020

Track Your Dog’s Walk and Health with the Ultimate Mean App

Do you love your dog? Do you take him for a walk every single day? How does it sound managing your dog’s health as you take him out for a walk? Yes, you can record your dog’s walk in real time and understand your dog’s feelings more as you walk

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06 Mar 2020

Live alone or know somebody who does? Stay connected & safe with DooriGo

DooriGo is a great example of technology being used for the right reasons. This peace of mind giving, potentially life saving app is available to download on iOS and Google Play. It’s an app built to connect people who live independently with close family and friends, so that in the

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27 Feb 2020

Get Wincher To Track Your SEO Ranking

SEO rank tracker is the most essential element that help us track and improve our search engine rankings. If you want to get the rankings of your website for many different keywords, monitor how your website performs for each keyword, you would always need a SEO rank tracking tool. Maintaining

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18 Feb 2020

Create the Highest Number with the Lowest Moves on Addiction

In this modern era of smartphones, tabs and laptops, games are everywhere. Be it spending time at the doctor’s office, or during travel or anywhere else waiting on the counter/couch, you tend to relax yourself with some clean game that can keep you occupied for sometime so that you don’t

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31 Dec 2019

Organize Things the Better Way with Doit

In our everyday life, we use a lot of tools and they help us manage our life and work. We might be having a shopping list, a list of bills and loans in due, many work related projects and a lot more. We know there are tools for all of

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25 Dec 2019

Improve your mental fitness & memory with MoneyBall

Just like our bodies, our minds needs exercise, too. Playing traditional mobile games rarely provides the neuro-nutrition we need to keep our minds sharp. That’s where MoneyBall comes in – a brain training/memory game on iOS and Android designed to help improve and test your memory. You won’t find countless

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20 Dec 2019

Have an Exciting Live Calling and Chatting Experience with Flash: Full Screen Caller ID

Long gone are those days where we sent emails and text messages. We have come to the era of smartphone apps with much functionality. Mobile messaging apps are more popular as they have social networking features, improved security with advanced free calling and other options. The new communication technologies powered

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