02 May 2017

Animal Sounds, Photos and Info – REVIEW

Being a parent is very challenging for me and for any parent. When my child cries I show him new toys, make funny faces and create sounds of animals so that it can make him smile. Isn’t it? Only a parent can get this feeling. We become kids with our

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25 Apr 2017

Camera RX – REVIEW

Camera RX – a camera suitable for both highly skilled photographers and amateurs. It is a simple yet excellent app that takes a snap of your object and applies various filters that makes it look astounding. The app includes various real time filters, effects and much more .Camera Rx is

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24 Apr 2017

Infinite Music – Review

Have you ever imagined mixing songs that have been remade over and over again in different decades? Wouldn’t it be interesting to listen to the same song done by the Beatles and the Bee Gees in a medley mode? Or by Billy Joel and Westlife? How about Elvis Presley and

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21 Apr 2017

Defense Zone 3 HD – Review

Are you looking for a defensive android game that will improve your strategy and combat skills? Defense zone HD android game is one of its kind in the gaming market. It will offer players new weapons, options galore and excellent sceneries. The graphics of the game are of high quality

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21 Apr 2017

MyPostcard – REVIEW

MyPostcard is the straightforward approach to make and send customized, printed genuine photograph postcards and welcome cards specifically from your cell phone or tablet. Effortlessly plan your own, individual genuine postcards within your cell phone photographs and an individual welcome content. MyPostcardiphone App will print, stamp and mail the majority

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18 Apr 2017

Cross One :Number Stack Puzzle – Review

If you are a puzzle games fan, then Cross One: Number Stack Puzzle will ultimately interest you. Cross One: Number Stack is an android application developed by Paprika3. It is simple to learn and understand as its instructions are quite straightforward. In less than 10 seconds you will have learns

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28 Mar 2017


Ever since the inception of the internet, search browsers have always taken a top throne in sorting our life on the internet. There are plenty of websites and internet services that we definitely can not remember all of them. However, search engines like google/chrome make it easy to quickly get

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27 Mar 2017


Mobile money transfer app has made international money transfer easy and fun relieving you of huge charges you hard to incur earlier doing transactions at the bank. With this mobile money transfer app you can now receive, withdraw and send money among your friends locally and abroad. Apart from just

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23 Mar 2017


VIPole makes your communication and data transfer sound and secure. Making sensitive data secure is always a concern for the organizations and responsible individuals. VIPol is one of those safe and secure applications that are specially designed for to protect your communication and data transfer. VIPole is a communication application

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27 Dec 2016


The passionate players need to know that Tiny Zoo Friends is entertaining game in which players run a zoo by purchasing animals and decorations, and could cross-breed animals in the lab to discover new quality species. You could build the top zoo and raise lovable animals in Tiny Zoo Friends.

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11 Aug 2016


Falling Bowling is a new and interesting game for bowling lovers. You can play bowling with your friends without getting out of your home. No matter if you are a novice bowler, it is so easy to play and has all the stats that you need. Falling Bowling is an

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11 Aug 2016


Few guitar apps have the endorsement of savant guitar Gods like Japanese-born Mikio Fujioka. Mikio burst on the rock scene in Japan when he was only 19 years old, a guitar prodigy who had just graduated from the Musicians Institute of Osaka. That same year, he trounced all guitar rivals,

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